Climate Crisis, Equitable Engagement, Inclusive Cities

Rethinking Urban Mobility

In the twenty-first century, how cities prioritize mobility is crucial. And it’s changing. Although crucial to urban life, it’s a major contributor to climate change.

In this ebook, Canadian-based urban scholar Shauna Brail, Ph.D., addresses the grand challenge of serving people’s mobility needs in cities while grappling with climate change impacts. It traces recent trends in rethinking urban mobility, prioritizes equitable engagement and resilience in cities, exploring a suite of opportunities for delivering on the promise of a sustainable urban future.

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Shauna Brail, Ph.D.
Shauna Brail is an Associate Professor at the Institute for Management & Innovation, University of Toronto Mississauga. As an economic geographer and urban planner, her research focuses on the transformation of cities as a result of economic, social and cultural change.

Sally Hussey

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