Community Visioning With EngagementHQ

How to Use EngagementHQ

Undertaking a collaborative community visioning process ensures the future you’re working towards is the one your community wants. This Eguide unpacks community visioning from broad, blue sky thinking to targeted development and delivery of a community plan, providing a digital-first guide on how to achieve your community vision using EngagementHQ.

Bringing together a high-level overview of community visioning methods and how to run an online visioning process, Community Visioning with EngagementHQ includes:

  • Engagement methods used in community visioning
  • How to run a community visioning process using EngagementHQ
  • How to capture key themes and focus areas from your community
  • How to process and analyse your data 
  • How to test and ensure you've captured real community aspirations
  • Tips for sharing community vision outcomes with residents

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