100 Ideas To Engage Your Community Online

This booklet is intended as a starting point for people working across a range of sectors; community engagement, public relations, communications and project management. A few of our ideas are controversial, many are common sense; we hope all will help you navigate across the new and burgeoning field of online community engagement.

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The 100 Ideas Booklet Addresses 10 Major Themes:

  1. Why engage your community online
  2. Planning your online engagement strategy
  3. Creating compelling content to support your online engagement campaign
  4. Promoting your program of online engagement
  5. Ensuring your online engagement tools and strategies are accessible
  6. Confronting the issue of anonymity in online feedback and discussions
  7. Addressing the need for forum moderation to keep online discussion forums safe
  8. Facilitation of online discussions to inform policy development
  9. Reporting the outcomes of the engagement process
  10. Following up with the community after the fact to ensure the trust is maintained and the community is willing to be involved the next time around

Sally Hussey
Sally Hussey is Bang the Table's Principal Writer and Editorial Director. She has an extensive background in the publishing, academic and cultural sectors.