Appearance Editor

Designed to be discovered.


Accelerate your digital engagements and manage them at scale.

Appearance Editor empowers engagement practitioners to build a professional and dedicated participation portal in an entirely visual canvas.


Improve your project discovery, indexing and ranking 

Our new Appearance Editor for homepage and hub templates is designed with search engines in mind, removing any barriers for them to find, index and rank your participation portal. Appearance Editor makes it easy for you to organise and showcase your consultation with Project Showcase dynamic filtering and custom cards.  

Think like a community member

Spend more time providing compelling information and less time on functional setup and configuration. Whether it’s videos, images, timeframes or copy, Appearance Editor provides an array of fit-for-purpose sections so you can customise your homepage and the community experience without the heavy lifting. 

Optimise for accessibility and devices

When dealing with lots of consultations, manually policing and enforcing accessibility and device compatibility can be a daunting, near-impossible task. Using Appearance Editor to optimise for compliance, you can make sure your engagement experiences adhere to a standard set of best practices. 


Organisations are already using Appearance Editor to accelerate, empower and scale their community engagement efforts.

“The new appearance editor made it so much easier to customise the look and feel of our site. Identity is extremely important to us and the advanced colour options meant it was really straightforward to integrate our brand across the site. We were able to develop a much fresher and more modern homepage that’s eye-catching and really stands out. It also has more functionality and allows you to link directly to forums, places or any of the other tools. The editor is super simple to use and we had no problems giving our site a complete refresh. If you haven’t switched over yet then you’re missing out!”

- Siân Lomax, West Yorkshire Combined Authority

Existing EngagementHQ customer?
Make the switch in 3 easy steps:

Build community-ready experiences without coding. Preview all your changes in context as you make them.


 Share drafts for review and approval while you build and check out what your participants will see via the Preview function.

Go live on a fast, reliable and easy to find participation platform in one-click or ask our friendly chat staff if you have custom requirements

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