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Being a community champion takes work. That's why our 2022 roadmap is designed to put you on the path to engagement success.

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Work is underway; we're focusing on this now and into 2022 to help you deliver scalable omnichannel community engagement.

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Throughout 2022 and beyond, we are committed to helping you build a safe and secure conversational government for you and your community.

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We are continuously shipping these features to ensure you get meaningful insights, deliver beautiful participant experiences and keep up with industry best practices.

Building robust democracies through meaningful engagement

EngagementHQ turns community input into actionable insight by removing barriers to participation and nurturing relationships that last.

Reach, converse, understand, manage, analyse, decide = positive impact

Everything we do at EngagementHQ is to equip you to have a positive impact on the community you serve.

Set your teams up for success.

Supercharge team efficiency with reporting updates designed to save time, reduce effort and improve the quality of engagement insights.

scalability and performance, updating technical architecture
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Now: Report Scaleability & Performance
Future-proofing your organisation

As engagement moves more online, our goal is to help bring you closer to your community with software that scales to meet ever-changing needs by:

    • Sending large reports via email 
    • Updating technical architecture to improve performance
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Next: Improved Participant Database
Better understand your community

Using participant data to tell the story of your engagements requires robust community management and clean data. We’re looking at:

    • Standardising key demographic identifiers
    • Improved interfaces for community management and segmentation
    • Expansion of relevant participant data
shareable dashboards
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Next: Shareable Dashboards
Connect your team with insights that matter

Over-reliance on PDFs for reporting can be cumbersome. Real-time shareable dashboards will connect your team to insights that matter the most. We’re working on new insights to help you:

    • Observe project performance 
    • Understand participation and demographics
    • Analyse tools
    • Explore traffic 
    • Understand the sentiment of your community

Make it easy for your community.

Optimise and scale community engagement experiences across web, mobile and social channels.

text-in engagement
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Now: Text-In Engagement
Realise the power of ideas

Vulnerable demographics miss out on important conversations if community infrastructure doesn't support connectivity; Text-In Engagement helps text messages become Ideas without a connection to the internet. Socially responsible SMS now Beta Testing.

social sign-in
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Next: Social Sign-in
Engage faster with improved authentication

Social sign-in reduces time spent logging in and lets participants jump straight to their contribution each time they engage. While your team gets all the context they need and can hold secure, personalised consultations.

deliver better experiences
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Trending: Renewed Engagement Tooling
Deliver beautiful participant experiences

We’re revamping our engagement tools because we’re more focused than ever on helping you improve participant experiences, we’re looking at:

    • Updating user interfaces 
    • Optimising mobile performance
    • Providing more embed and stand-alone options
    • Enhancing accessibility
    • Improving consistency 
    • Making tool configuration more flexible
engagement project moderation
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Trending: Moderation Updates
Remove noise and centre conversations that connect us

To make sure your engagement project is a safe and accessible space for all;  we're evolving how we moderate feedback by:

    • Exploring admin-owned moderation
    • Expanding location-based settings 
    • Including moderation insights in reporting
precise reporting
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Trending: Improved, Helpful and Precise Reporting
Find and act on critical insight, fast

Analysing data is a key part of helping you make informed decisions. We're looking at new ways to help you explore your data, so you can quickly take action on common themes; that means:

    • Integrating machine learning to assist in decision making 
    • Introducing user customised fields for report downloads
    • Updating interfaces for more efficient analysis

Keep your business in sync

Consolidate workflows and connect systems to get more done, faster.

Opencities x EngagementHQ connector
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Now: OpenCities x EngagementHQ connector
Efficiently integrate your technology stack

Automatically promote all open community engagements in your OpenCities content management system by pushing EngagementHQ projects to OpenCities search and content.

govDelivery connector
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Next: govDelivery connector
Seamless community communication

Step up your communication game and easily automate and schedule community campaigns using EngagementHQ insights in govDelivery.

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Trending: Privacy & Security
Compliant and secure systems for government

We’re continually updating our privacy and security measures to ensure our products are compliant and secure for the government.

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Trending: Accessibility
Everyone deserves a voice

Continuous evaluation and improvement of our software accessibility ensure people of all abilities are able to have their say.

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